Phrazle: Guess the Phrase

Phrazle is a Wordle-inspired game where you have to solve a phrase of several words. After each guess, you will receive color clues about the location of letters in a single word and the entire phrase. Can you guess the phrase in 6 tries?

How to play Phrazle?

  1. Make your first guess

    To start the game, look at the word grid and make your first guess. You need to enter a phrase that has the same number of words and letters in each word. Make your first guess
  2. Look at the hints

    Next, explore the colored clues that you will receive after each guess. Green tiles mean you have placed the correct letters. If you see yellow tiles, this means that the word has those letters, but they must be located in a different place. Purple tiles mean that this letter is not in this word, but is in another word of the phrase. If you see gray tiles, then these letters are not used anywhere in the phrase. Look at the hints
  3. Guess the phrase

    You win the game as soon as you correctly guess all the letters in the phrase (all tiles are green). The game is updated every 24 hours, so come back the next day and try to solve a new Phrazle! Guess the phrase

About Phrazle

Phrazle is a word puzzle game inspired by Wordle. The main difference is that your task is to find a few words, i.e. phrase and you have 6 tries to do so. Phrazle is quite a difficult game and you will also need analytical skills to find patterns between words and phrases. Regular Phrazle games improve memory, mental clarity and slow down the aging of brain cells.

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